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Further Improvements of Jitter Removal

Posted on: September 15th, 2016

New software release includes:

N E W    F E A T U R E S:

  • Further increase of jitter removal speed. Improved algorithm is 10-20% faster compared to the previous release. Speed increase depends on particular hardware (GPU and CPU).


B U G    F I X E S:

  • Biomech Add-on free trial activation did not work.
  • Periodic Auto-Save did not work in jitter removal. Now the project is saved every 30 seconds.
  • Memory leaks in jitter removal.
  • Crashed if timeline slider is clicked during jitter removal or tracking operation.


U N D E R    T H E    H O O D:

  • Improved responsiveness of user interface during jitter removal on computers with slow video cards.

Congrats to Iloura for its Emmy win for VFX in Game of Thrones

Posted on: September 14th, 2016

Congrats to Iloura for its Emmy win for VFX in Game of Thrones

iPi Soft congratulates our customer Iloura, the leading Australian-based animation and visual effects studio, on winning a 2016 Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for its work on the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones (GoT) the “Battle Of The Bastards” episode. Iloura used our iPi Motion Capture software throughout GoT for pre production and production to generate a library of vignettes they could use to drop into a number of shots and also for custom shot specific animation. Stay tuned for more details to follow on the Iloura iPi Mocap workflow.

Faster Jitter Removal Released

Posted on: September 1st, 2016

New software release includes:

N E W    F E A T U R E S:

  • Increased speed of jitter removal. New algorithm is 3-7 times faster compared to the previous one. Speed increase depends on particular hardware (GPU and CPU).
  • Trajectory filter is improved for noisy data.

B U G    F I X E S:

  • Tracking operations of multiple depth sensors projects failed with exception on some models of Nvidia cards using drivers 372.54, 372.70.

iPi Automation Add-on Released

Posted on: July 14th, 2016

iPi Automation Add-on Released

New Feature Integrates Motion Capture Software Functionality Into Third Party

Animation and Biomechanical Analysis Production Workflows


July 14, 2016iPi Soft, LLC, developers of the iPi Motion Capture line of markerless motion capture technology, today announced the availability of iPi Automation Add-On. The new Automation Add-On tool allows third party software developers to integrate motion capture tracking of human body motions using the company’s iPi Recorder and iPi Mocap Studio software applications.

Additionally, the  new tool enables the automation of repeated tasks and custom workflows – a particular benefit for high-end animation production in entertainment; and for tracking and visualization of motion capture data for medical, sports analysis and movement science applications.

“We’re pleased to offer third party software developers, and technically advanced users, this new means of accessing the benefits of iPi Motion Capture,“ Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft’s Chief Technology Architect, says. “The new Automation Add-on capabilities are designed to streamline integration of iPi Motion Capture into third party workflows for improved ability to send commands and get results of complex motion capture data. This is also a useful and cost effective solution for high-end visual effects and animation studios who need to automate frequently repeated sequences of operations and for healthcare .”

The Automation Add-On, which allows users to control iPi Recorder and iPi Mocap Studio via external application by sending JSON commands via Windows dll, is currently in beta testing with biomechanical software development company Anatomical Engineering for application use in the physical therapy and rehabilitation industry.

iPi Automation Add-On Pricing

The iPi Automation Add-On is activated using iPi Mocap Studio and requires a separate license key. Pricing for a one-year license is $495. More information can be found here:


PDF Version>>

Stephan Bugaj Testimonial Quote

Posted on: May 18th, 2016

Stephan Bugaj Testimonial Quote

We’re always excited to hear from iPi Soft customers who are using our software to push creative boundaries. For the past several years, Stephan Bugaj, independent filmmaker, VR & game director, writer and creative visionary, has been experimenting with iPi Motion Capture – first during his time at Pixar Animation Studios, and now on several independent projects. He shared his positive impressions with us:

“Whether you’re producing an animation or game project for final release, or just prototyping a new idea, iPi Motion Capture is an incredibly cost effective and easy-to-use solution for full-body motion capture using hardware you probably already own — and if you don’t, it’s also incredibly cost effective.”

“For not a lot of money you get a mocap solution with quite usable results without an excessive amount of cleanup. Finally the little guy can play with the big boys when it comes to mocap animation.”

You can learn more about Stephan as follows:


New Release, Prices Reduced for 3-Year Subscriptions

Posted on: April 25th, 2016

New Release, Prices Reduced for 3-Year Subscriptions

Our team continues delivering new features to the Version 3 of iPi Motion Capture along with further price reduction.

New! The latest releases of iPi Mocap Studio and iPi Recorder include multiple useful enhancements:

  • checking and visualizing background quality during recording
  • warning on substantial change in the background during recording that could lead to tracking errors
  • recording performance optimizations
  • increased tracking quality for actors with adjusted proportions
  • improved UI for light settings
  • improved UI for calibration including manual adjustment of coordinate system
  • enhanced ground detection quality checks
  • other features

3-year Subscription Prices Reduced! To make our solution more affordable, we decided to substantially reduce pricing for 3-year subscriptions. Please find below the new permanent prices. Volume and academic discounts can be applied as usual.

Product Period Price Direct Order Link
iPi Studio Pro 3 Years $3,227 $2,495 Buy Now
iPi Studio Basic 3 Years $932 $695 Buy Now
iPi Studio Express 3 Years $257 $195 Buy Now
iPi Biomech Add-on 3 Years $1,337 $995 Buy Now


iPi Mocap Becomes Key Creative Weapon For Popular YouTube Show «Death Battle»

Posted on: April 18th, 2016

iPi Motion Capture Becomes Key Creative Weapon For Popular YouTube Show «Death Battle»

With Viewers Per Episode Numbering In The Tens of Millions, Show Creators Integrate Markerless Motion Capture TooI Into Increasingly Challenging Workflow


 Apr 18, 2016iPi Motion Capture, the leading markerless motion capture solution created by iPi Soft, has been added to the creative arsenal of the hugely-popular YouTube show “Death Battle” seen on ScrewAttack!, the production studio / entertainment brand under the Rooster Teeth umbrella, which creates content focused on gamer culture for YouTube and their website. Season Three of the show, which attracts tens of millions views per episode, recently premiered featuring a new, more sophisticated post production workflow anchored by iPi’s game-changing mocap tool.

DeathBattle-1 DeathBattle-2

“Using motion capture is a relatively new addition to the overall production process behind our 3D fights,” Torrian Crawford, Lead 3D Animator / Action Director for the hit online show, says. “It’s made making animation for humanoid characters a lot easier and provides a great base for any adjustments. The multi camera setup has also proved to be a great tool for creating non-motion capture animation references.”

Each episode of “Death Battle” imagines a fight to the death between pop culture’s deadliest characters. Told in a tongue-in-cheek, comedic way, the show features a “pre-game” section in which (much like a typical boxing broadcast), a hyper-sounding announcer outlines each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses. From there it’s time to rumble, with videogame style animation showcasing the often intricate fight sequences.

Crawford noted that the Austin, TX-based production has used iPI Motion Capture in concert with 6 PlayStation Eye cameras and 3 PlayStation Move controllers on ten episodes in the new season, featuring enhanced use of 3D animation.

“I have been using the software to lay down base animations for all realistic and sometimes non-realistic movements, stunts and actions,” Crawford explains. “The content is then saved and imported into Autodesk 3Ds Max where it is cleaned up and edited to fit the needs of the scene and characters.”

Crawford noted that iPi Motion Capture software proved essential on a recent episode featuring the character Dante (video game character from “Devil May Cry”) vs. Bayonetta (a videogame character) in which Crawford and his team needed to capture a large amount of the fight choreography and stunts.

“The affordability of iPi Motion Capture was huge for us,” Crawford says. “My experience with iPi Soft was so positive we decided to build out our in-house animation department and mocap studio using it. The software’s simplicity, flexibility and ease of use gives me the ability to track multiple people without the need for expensive suits or marker placement.”

PDF Version>>

iPi Motion Capture in action on “Death Battle”:

AWE Company Podcast at PixelHub and and DigitalProductionBuzz on Fort York VR Project

Posted on: January 22nd, 2016

AWE Company Podcast at PixelHub and DigitalProductionBuzz on Fort York VR Project

Srinivas Krishna of AWE Company has created exceptional virtual reality content to recreate the historic Fort York site in Toronto. Using iPi Mocap and other off the shelf tools, visitors can experience history using Google Cardboard in a new, immersive way.

Listen to the Pixel Hub podcast to learn more.

And watch the interview to DigitalProductionBuzz:

Saxxy Award-Winning Short Unlocks Full Potential of iPi Mocap

Posted on: January 5th, 2016

Saxxy Award-Winning Short «Together We Stand» Unlocks Full Potential of iPi Motion Capture

NoxStudio’s Epic Animated Fantasy Short Wins Valve-Sponsored Award in Drama Category


 Jan 5th, 2016 iPi Soft is pleased to announce that its markerless iPi Motion Capture software solution was used by Croatia-based animation company NoxStudio to create the 3D machinima short film that received a prestigious 2015 Saxxy Awards in the Drama category. Sponsored by video game developer Valve, the competition now in its fifth year honors content based on the company’s Team Fortress 2 and other video games that showcase the use of its Source Filmmaker movie-making tool.

NoxStudio’s three-minute animated film entitled «Together We Stand», directed by Igor Dudjak, uses a series of epic landscapes and stunning fantasy creatures, both human and animal, to tell the story of former enemies putting aside their differences and fighting together against a common threat.

Although the project marked the first time Dudjak used iPi Soft technology, it became a key part of the content creation workflow involving nearly 60 hours in total to capture the complex motion. Working alongside it was Source Filmmaker to build the sets, process the animation and renders for the final project.

“Literally, within just a few hours I could see the potential of iPi Motion Capture for creating motion that was unique, not generic,” Dudjak says. “There were many action and fighting sequences in the film and the software did a great job at quickly capturing the motion and making it easy to export into the formats we were working in.”

The primary requirement of the Saxxy Awards is that the film be finished using Source Filmmaker’s rendering tools, with the winners voted by Valve’s Steam Community Hub.

“Winning a Saxxy Award feels unreal, since it was the first time we ever submitted,” Dudjak adds. “I can’t even start to express the level of positive impact it has had on me. Going forward, the only thing I can do is prove to those who voted for «Together We Stand» and work even harder on my future projects.”

PDF Version>>




Christmas Discount 2016

Posted on: December 21st, 2015

Christmas Discount 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please accept iPi Soft team’s warm wishes for the coming New Year 2016! We hope this will be a cool year, full of creative achievements and exciting discoveries!

Limited-time offer! We’ll be honoured to know that our products help you unleash your creativity. To contribute more to this, we offer you special 30% discount to all our product line! This offer is valid till Jan 10th, 2016.

To order at the discounted price, just put coupon code NY302016 into “Your coupon code” field of on-line order form. Note that this discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Please enjoy this Christmas-mood dancing video from Victoria Nesterenko, contestant of iPi Mocap Competition: