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iPi Biomech Add-on is a convenient tool for in-depth biomechanical analysis of human motions. It includes visualization of tracking data and its export to various formats. It can be used for:

  • Gait analysis and rehabilitation
  • Sports motion analysis
  • Research in 3D human kinematics

Markerless tracking technology does not require clumsy suits, and work in real-life environments like regular office.

With iPi Biomech Add-on you can:

  • Get linear and angular quantities for selected bones, including
    • Linear coordinate, velocity, acceleration
    • Euler angles, angular velocity and angular acceleration
    • Quaternions and rotation matrices
  • Select convenient coordinate systems
    • Linear: Absolute (relative to floor), Relative to parent joint, Relative to center of mass
    • Angular: Absolute (relative to floor), Relative to parent joint
  • Select Euler angles system
  • Plot values of selected quantities for selected bones
  • Export bones motion data to tab-separated text for Excel or MATLAB
  • Export point clouds obtained from depth sensors to PCD or MATLAB

Biomech Add-on Bundles

You can get Biomech Add-on license key together with iPi Studio license key by placing single order:

iPi Studio Express + Biomech Add-on $590 / year Buy Now
iPi Studio Basic + Biomech Add-on $840 / year Buy Now
iPi Studio Pro + Biomech Add-on $1 690 / year Buy Now


Payment Options

Note! To use add-on, you need iPi Mocap license key. Price includes software only. 1 year = 365 days, 3 months = 92 days from the day of first activation.

Payment options, VAT, currencies and more: See Purchasing InfoFull price list: Regular / Educational.

Volume Discounts

We offer discounts for one-time order of two or more licenses:

Licenses 2 3-5 6-9 10+
%off 5% 10% 20% 30%

Educational Licencing Program

iPi Soft offers 30% educational discounts for
1 year, 3 year subscriptions:

Students Express or Basic edition
Institution any edition for packages of 3+  licenses (combined with volume discount)

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Software Updates Software is subscription-based, all updates are provided with no additional charge.
Technical Support Email-based technical support is included in the subscription price.

System Requirements

Biomech Add-on does not impose additional system requirements. So the system requirements are the same as for iPi Motion Capture edition you are using.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the accuracy of the tracking?
    - The overall accuracy is comparable with the accuracy of expensive marker mocap systems. We do not yet have precise numbers on accuracy, as this is the question of special research.
  2. What export formats can I export data to?
    - You can export bones motion data to tab-separated text format for Excel, and to MATLAB. Point clouds can be exported to PCD and MATLAB.
  3. Can I export to C3D?
    - Current version does not yet include export to C3D.