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Educational Licensing

iPi Soft educational discounted software is available for students, faculty members, and institutions. The educational license is limited to use in an educational context, either for self-education or use in an educational institution for teaching purposes. It cannot be used for commercial, professional or for-profit purposes.

To apply for Educational Licensing Program, please send a copy of a document confirming your eligibility to academic@ipisoft.com

Note that programs and prices subject to change without notice.

Eligible Institutions:

Eligible types of institutions include public or private universities or colleges that grant degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study, accredited by the U.S. Secretary of Education, Provincial Education Ministries (Canada) or other national Education Ministries (International).

Educational discounts for institutions are applied only for packages that include 3 or more licenses. Educational discounts are combined with volume discounts.


All full-time and part-time students attending eligible institutions are eligible to purchase iPi Motion Capture Express Edition, iPi Motion Capture Basic Edition under the Educational Licensing Program.

To confirm your eligibility, please provide a copy of your Photo Student ID card with issue date within the last six months, or a confirming letter on official letterhead from the education entity with issue date within the last six months.