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Distributed Recording Feature Released

Posted on: December 29th, 2014

We’re proud to announce (hopefully first in history) support of multiple Kinect 2 sensors tracking, now made possible with the help of distributed recording feature of iPi Recorder.

Now one can use several computers to record the same mocap session, thus decreasing hardware requirements to PCs used for recording.

Distributed recording feature is useful if:

  • You want to use two or three Kinect 2 sensors for tracking. Due to limitation in Microsoft Kinect SKD 2.0 you can have only single sensor at one PC, but distributed recording allows you to connect each sensor to a separate PC.
  • You do not have enough USB controllers on board. Only single depth sensor or two Sony PS3 cameras can be connected to the same USB controller. Using additional laptop for recording will allow you to record with more cameras.
  • HDD recording speed or CPU power is not enough to record in realtime with multiple cameras. Using additinal laptop will be an alternative to hardware upgrade.


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