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All editions include: Details/Comments
Markerless motion tracking
High accuracy comparable with expensive mocap systems (offline, not real-time). Optionally you can use motion controllers to increase quality of hands and head tracking.
Automatic post-processing
Intellectual Refine / Jitter Removal / Trajectory Filtering will improve animation quality while keeping important subtle nuances of motion.
Manual clean-up / keyframing tools
Any tracking algorithm is not ideal, so in some cases tracking errors will occur. You can fix them manually using integrated tools, without need of using third-party 3D packages.
Hands / props tracking
Props and hands tracking is implemented using motion controllers.
English interface language
We have customers from all over the world, and clearly understand that not all of them are native English speakers. We hope to add support of other languages some time later.
Software updates
Software is subscription-based, all updates are provided with no additional charge.
Technical support
6 months of free email-based technical support.
See detailed price list: Regular / Educational
Edition-specific features: Express Basic Pro
Single Depth Sensor* support
Multiple Depth Sensors* support
2 to 4
RGB web cameras support
3 to 6
3 to 16
Action cameras support
3 to 6
3 to 16
Real-time tracking for live preview (see details)
Animation streaming to Unreal/Unity (see details)
Multiple persons tracking (see details)
Multiple video cards support (see details)
Batch processing (see details)
* Supported Depth Sensors: Azure Kinect / Kinect 2 / Kinect; Intel RealSense L515 / D455; Orrbec Astra / Astra Pro; PrimeSense Carmine 1.08  - Compare
Camera-specific features:
Depth Sensors: 1 to 4
RGB Cameras: 3 to 16
Maximum capture area 7 x 7 feet = 2.1 x 2.1 meters 23 x 23 feet = 7 x 7 meters
Miminum Required Space* 9 x 5 feet = 2.7 x 1.5 meters 13 x 13 feet = 4 x 4 meters
Quick Start Guide for Single  / Multiple Depth Sensors for RGB Cameras
Required Hardware Order Accessories and Hardware Order Accessories and Hardware
* Required space depends on camera FOV. Here you can see approx. values for 75° diagonal FOV of Sony PS Eye camera.


Free Trial Features

  • Free Trial includes all features of Basic Edition within 30 days after installation
  • After expiration you can still use the software but animation export will be disabled

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which cameras are better: Depth Sensors, RGB web cameras or Action cameras?
    - See detailed comparison here
  2. Which edition to choose: Express, Basic or Pro?
    - See detailed comparison here
  3. Can I try the software if I do not have cameras?
    - Yes, you can download sample video and projects, available for each configuration. See our wiki.