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iPi Motion Capture Version 3

The new version delivers a number of new features for improved workflow including support for the new Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor, improved arms tracking and a simplified calibration process that gives even entry level motion capture enthusiasts the ability to obtain quality mocap data easily and quickly.

NOTE! Please find useful information regarding Version 3 installationlicensing policy and user tips here.



Key Highlights

Kinect 2 for Windows support
Improved tracking for arms and legs
Improved calibration
User interface enhancements
iPiVideo files editing
More accurate center of mass calculation

More Features in Roadmap

Distributed recording - Available
Support of up to 16 cameras – Available
Substantial tracking speed increase
Clean-up of selected limbs
Fine actor model adjustments – Available
3 actors tracking - Available


Starting from Version 3 we change pricing model to subscription.

In addition to 1 year subscription, cheaper 3 months subscription is available, convenient for those who need motion capture on project basis.

Edition 1 year 3 months
iPi Studio Express $95 $45
iPi Studio Basic $345 $165
iPi Studio Pro (former Standard) $1 195 $595
iPi Biomech Add-on $495 $245

Upgrade Policy

Those who purchased Version 2 after July 1st, 2014 will get free 1 year subscription for Version 3.

Other customers who own Version 2 or Version 1 license will be offered one-time 50% discount for 1 year subscription of Version 3 (same edition). The discount can be applied for a single order.

Please be aware that the upgrade to Version 3 is optional, you can continue using current version without paying anything.

Free 30-days trial for Version 3 is available, so you can decide, if new features are worth paying.


Feature Details

Feature Remarks Availability
Support for the new Kinect 2 sensor*
  • It has wider angle of view, so you can come closer to sensor, and set-up requires less space
  • It is more tolerant to lighting conditions
  • Mutual interference of several sensors is much less compared to older Kinect
  • Higher resolutions of depth and RGB video

* Both Kinect for Xbox One and Kinect 2 for Windows are supported. Currently only single Kinect 2 sensors is supported, this is limitation imposed by Microsoft Kinect 2 SDK. As soon as we implement distributed recording, you will be able record with several Kinect 2 sensors using several PCs

Improved tracking for arms and legs More flexible, better restoring after tracking errors Available
Improved calibration for:

  • Much more reliable
  • No need to manually align cameras anymore
  • Automatic ground detection
  • Feedback on calibration quality
  • Automatic setting of approximate scene scale
Redesigned user interface More convenient and understandable Available
iPi Recorder improvements
  • Audio and video export (for owners if iPi Mocap Studio license)
  • iPiVideo files editing (cutting, removing cameras, etc.)
  • Redesigned user interface
Distributed recording
  • Will allow to record multi-camera video using several PCs and automatically sync recordings
  • Opportunity to use several Kinect 2 sensors (currently Kinect 2 SDK supports only singe sensor)
  • Decreasing hardware requirements for PC used for recording
  • Opportunity to use more than 8 cameras
Support for up to USB 16 cameras and 4 Kinect sensors Less tracking errors for 2 or more actors  Available
3 actors tracking Using 10+ cameras  Available
Clean-up of selected limbs Convenient fixing of arm or leg tracking errors. When all body except limb tracked correctly, you can run tracking for selected limb, keeping tracking information for the rest of the body. Great time-saver.  2015
Fine actor model adjustments More precise model to actor adjustment will make tracking more accurate  Available