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Free Trial

30-days free trial includes full features of Basic Edition. Supports capture with 1 or 2 depth sensors or 3 to 6 Sony PS Eye cameras.


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Express - $95 / year

Entry-level configuration that works with one depth sensor (Kinect 2 or Kinect). Easy to use but applicable for relatively simple motions without rotations

3 mon: $45 3 yr: $195

Basic - $345 / year

Includes all basic features needed for high accuracy motion capture. Supports capture with 1 or 2 depth sensors (Kinect 2 or Kinect) or 3 to 6 Sony PS3 Eye cameras.

3 mon: $165 3 yr: $695

Pro - $1.195 / year

Includes all high-end features including multiple persons tracking. Supports capture with up to 4 depth sensors (Kinect 2 or Kinect) or 3 to 16 Sony PS3 Eye cameras

3 mon: $595 3 yr: $2495

Biomech Add-on - $495 / year

A tool for in-depth biomechanical analysis of human motions. It includes visualization of tracking data and its export to various formats. Product Overview

3 mon: $245 3 yr: $995

Automation Add-on - $495 / year

iPi Automation Add-on allows to control iPiRecorder
and iPiMocapStudio from external application by sending JSON commands via Windows dll.


It can be used for:

  • Using iPiRecorder and iPiMocapStudio as a part of a third-party solution
  • Automation of repeatable tasks
  • Automation of custom workflow


For more details refer to the on-line User Documentation

3 mon: $245 3 yr: $995

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Note! Price includes software only.  1 year = 365 days, 3 months = 92 days from the day of first activation.

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Special Pricing

Volume Discounts

We offer discounts for one-time order of two or more licenses:

Licenses 2 3-5 6-9 10+
%off 5% 10% 20% 30%

Educational Licencing Program

iPi Soft offers 30% educational discounts for
1 year, 3 year subscriptions:

Students Express or Basic edition
Institution any edition for packages of 3+  licenses (combined with volume discount)

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Video Cards

You need a DirectX 11 capable gaming-class graphics card

Graphics Cards Select and Order

Cameras and Accessories

You need cameras and other accessories to work with the system.

Hardware Select and Order