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Archive for February, 2015

16 Cameras Support and Three Actors Tracking Released

Posted on: February 20th, 2015

iPi Soft is proud to announce ground-breaking performance enhancements to iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0, the company’s advanced line of markerless motion capture technology. The latest updates include new distributed recording functionality that sets a standard for capturing synchronized video by providing up to 16 Sony PS3 Eye camera support or up to 4 Kinect sensors recorded onto multiple PCs during the same motion capture session. Additionally, the ability to track three actors simultaneously gives professional users working in film, TV, videogame development and beyond, a powerful and efficient motion capture tool.

New! Taking into account increased number of supported cameras, we are increasing number of cameras supported in Basic Edition from 4 to 6, thus allowing accurate capture of more complex motions.

In addition to this good news, the price of Basic Edition was dropped by 30%. Now 1 year subscription for Basic costs $345, 3 month subscription – $165. We hope that this will make the solution affordable for wider audience.

Limited-time offer! Till March, 29 We offer 3 year subscriptions for all products at the cost of 2 years. We also see that 3 months subscription are quite popular. Get 30% discount for 3 month subscriptions, also till March, 29.

To order at discounted price, just put coupon code from the table below into “Your coupon code” field of on-line order form:

Product Period Price Coupon Code
iPi Studio Pro 3 Years $3 227 $2 390 DIS-3Y15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Basic 3 Years $932 $690 DIS-3Y15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Express 3 Years $257 $190 DIS-3Y15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Biomech Add-on 3 Years $1 337 $990 DIS-3Y15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Pro 3 Months $595 $416.5 DIS-3M15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Basic 3 Months $165 $115.5 DIS-3M15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Express 3 Months $45 $31.5 DIS-3M15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Biomech Add-on 3 Months $245 $171.5 DIS-3M15 Buy Now

RenderDigiMania Lists Affordable Mocap Solutions

Posted on: February 12th, 2015

iPi Motion Capture listed as the most affordable among professional-level motion capture solutions by RenderDigiMania. The closest competitor is over 5 times more expensive! Actually our solution is even more affordable, as they referred to the most expensive Pro edition.

Read the full publication: