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Ko Maruyama’s article in Digital Producer: iPi Mocap for Alzheimers research and prevention

Posted on: June 13th, 2017

Ko Maruyama’s article in Digital Producer on how researchers at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center are using our iPi Mocap filmmaking technology for biomechanical data collection strategies for Alzheimers research and prevention:


iPi Soft Announces Faster Tracking And Enhanced Animation Export Features For iPi Motion Capture Software

Posted on: June 7th, 2017

iPi Soft Announces Faster Tracking And Enhanced Animation Export Features For iPi Motion Capture Software

Version 3.5 of Markerless Mocap Solution More Than Doubles Tracking Speed; Includes Faster, More Accurate Calibration


MOSCOW, RUSSIA – iPi Soft, LLC, developers of advanced markerless motion capture technology, today announced significant upgrades to its iPi Motion Capture software application, including 2.5 times faster tracking speed when used with a Kinect sensor set-up, enhanced animation export functionality, as well as availability for single-actor projects and single-GPU configurations.

According to Michael Nikonov, founder and chief technology architect for iPi Soft, the new iPi Motion Capture tracking algorithm works faster than when the raw data is recorded via a Kinect sensor, with tracking speeds now available up to 60-70 fps (when using high-end video cards), versus previous Kinect recording rates of 30 fps. “The new enhancements to the software will allow us to implement a real-time feedback feature so users can see the tracking result transferred to 3D characters at the time of recording motions for optimized workflow,” Nikonov said.

Nikonov also noted that the new 3.5 version offers faster calibration for the Sony PS3 Eye camera set up, which now takes less than three minutes (dependent on the number of cameras used) when using a high-end video card. In addition, increased calibration precision has resulted in more accurate noise and defect filtering.

Customers working with Sony PS Move motion controllers to precisely track hands and head rotations, a process that used to take up to 10 minutes depending on length of recordings, now will enjoy nearly instant application of motion controllers data. iPi Soft development also continues to bring faster algorithms for use with Sony PS3 Eye and other RGB camera set-ups, scheduled for release later this year.

In addition to 2.5 to 3 times faster tracking speed (for Kinect sensors) – which is essentially real-time rendering, a long time benchmark for adoption with high-end users working in entertainment – the new 3.5 version features additional animation settings for working in third party applications for a smoother integration.

Other key features in iPi Motion Capture 3.5 include:

•    Availability for single-actor projects and single-GPU configurations.

  • New export tab controls allow users to rotate imported characters into proper orientation, useful for many popular characters, including standard Unreal Engine characters.
  • Motion can now accurately be transferred to imported characters with separate root bone and hips/pelvis bone. Users can map hip motions either to root or to hips/pelvis, which benefits game engine characters, including standard Unity 3D Engine and Unreal Engine characters.
  • Support for FBX format 7.5.
  • Added finger bones to motion transfer profile for Valve characters in SMD and DMX formats.
  • Users can select flashlight color for marker detection during calibration, useful in case of light backgrounds.
  • Timesaving hints added to GPU’s progress bar area during tracking.
  • Dialog with common actions available for the exported file shown after animation export and video export operations.
  • Numerous bug and “under-the-hood” fixes.

A complete list of the new feature enhancements in iPi Motion Capture 3.5 is available here.

Real-Time Feedback Development:

In addition to more than doubling the tracking speed with this latest version, the company remains focused on achieving real time rendering before the end of 2017.

“Our development efforts are focused on processing speed optimization and we expect to release a new version of iPi Motion Capture that will essentially offer real-time capability this year to deliver customers an overall improved markerless mocap workflow,” notes Nikonov.

Pricing and Availability:                                                              

iPi Motion Capture Version 3.5 is available on a subscription-based pricing model. Prices range from $45.00 to $2,495.00 depending on the version of software (Express, Basic, Pro) and duration of subscription. The Basic edition provides support for up to 6 Sony PS3 Eye cameras or 2 Kinect sensors, and tracking of single actor. The Pro version features full 16-camera / 4 Kinect sensors capability and can track of up to 3 actors. A free 30-day trial for Version 3.0 is available here: http://ipisoft.com/download/

About iPi Motion Capture:

iPi Motion Capture is a markerless motion capture software tool to track human body motions to easily produce 3D animation. The scalable system is capable of tracking of up to 3 actors and is compatible with first and second-generation Kinect sensors working at the same time on one or several computers to capture complex motions, including 360-degrees turns. It also supports other inexpensive off-the-shelf equipment such as Sony PS3 Eye cameras.

The software is also compatible with many leading game engines, 3D software applications and animation rigs, including MAXON Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3D Studio Max / Maya / MotionBuilder, Unity, Valve Source Filmmaker / Source Engine, DAZ Studio, Poser, iClone, Unreal Engine, and others. iPi Motion Capture supports motion transfer and export to popular animation formats including FBX, BVH and COLLADA.

About iPi Soft:

Moscow-based developer, iPi Soft, LLC, develops powerful markerless motion capture software technology that uses sophisticated image processing and computer vision algorithms to recognize and track the human body. The company’s software is used by creative professionals and prosumers around the world to digitize the movement of a human skeleton, rendering it expressive in 3D characters for video games, computer generated films, as well as for medical, military and other applications. For additional information, on iPi Soft, product pricing, product configurations or a 30-day free trial please visit, http://www.ipisoft.com.

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