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Archive for January, 2016

AWE Company Podcast at PixelHub and and DigitalProductionBuzz on Fort York VR Project

Posted on: January 22nd, 2016

AWE Company Podcast at PixelHub and DigitalProductionBuzz on Fort York VR Project

Srinivas Krishna of AWE Company has created exceptional virtual reality content to recreate the historic Fort York site in Toronto. Using iPi Mocap and other off the shelf tools, visitors can experience history using Google Cardboard in a new, immersive way.

Listen to the Pixel Hub podcast to learn more.

And watch the interview to DigitalProductionBuzz:

Saxxy Award-Winning Short Unlocks Full Potential of iPi Mocap

Posted on: January 5th, 2016

Saxxy Award-Winning Short «Together We Stand» Unlocks Full Potential of iPi Motion Capture

NoxStudio’s Epic Animated Fantasy Short Wins Valve-Sponsored Award in Drama Category


 Jan 5th, 2016 iPi Soft is pleased to announce that its markerless iPi Motion Capture software solution was used by Croatia-based animation company NoxStudio to create the 3D machinima short film that received a prestigious 2015 Saxxy Awards in the Drama category. Sponsored by video game developer Valve, the competition now in its fifth year honors content based on the company’s Team Fortress 2 and other video games that showcase the use of its Source Filmmaker movie-making tool.

NoxStudio’s three-minute animated film entitled «Together We Stand», directed by Igor Dudjak, uses a series of epic landscapes and stunning fantasy creatures, both human and animal, to tell the story of former enemies putting aside their differences and fighting together against a common threat.

Although the project marked the first time Dudjak used iPi Soft technology, it became a key part of the content creation workflow involving nearly 60 hours in total to capture the complex motion. Working alongside it was Source Filmmaker to build the sets, process the animation and renders for the final project.

“Literally, within just a few hours I could see the potential of iPi Motion Capture for creating motion that was unique, not generic,” Dudjak says. “There were many action and fighting sequences in the film and the software did a great job at quickly capturing the motion and making it easy to export into the formats we were working in.”

The primary requirement of the Saxxy Awards is that the film be finished using Source Filmmaker’s rendering tools, with the winners voted by Valve’s Steam Community Hub.

“Winning a Saxxy Award feels unreal, since it was the first time we ever submitted,” Dudjak adds. “I can’t even start to express the level of positive impact it has had on me. Going forward, the only thing I can do is prove to those who voted for «Together We Stand» and work even harder on my future projects.”

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