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The New Update 4.6.3 Released

Posted on: April 4th, 2024

The New Update 4.6.3 Released

What’s new:

  • AI-based Tracking with Auto-recover option feature added. It allows to automatically detect and fix tracking errors with the help of AI-based tracking.
  • [BUG fix] Rare AI-based tracking crashes in some cases.
  • [BUG fix] Fixed crashing on project closing when Pose Mismatch view mode is on.
  • [BUG fix] Project recording with Real-time Tracking for Live Preview could not open.

For more information and download links visit Release notes.


The New Update 4.6.2 Released

Posted on: December 26th, 2023

The New Update 4.6.2 Released

What’s new:

  • Trajectory filtering for AI poses that improves overall AI-based Tracking quality.
  • Interpolation of AI poses missed due to misdetections that improves overall AI-based Tracking quality.

For more information and download links visit Release notes.

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The New Update 4.6.1 Released

Posted on: November 8th, 2023

The new version 4.6.1 includes improvements to AI-based pose detection and a number of bug fixes.

What’s new:

  • Detect Pose (AI) now sets head, feet poses and hands orientation if Track or Track (AI-Based) tracking option selected.
  • Improved quality of Detect Pose (AI) for arms, legs and feet.
  • Set realistic arm and leg twists in Detect Pose (AI) (formerly set zero twists).
  • Ensure from enormous arm twists in jitter removal, Detect Pose (AI).

Bug fixes:

  • Trajectory filtering was not applied after AI-based tracking.
  • AI-based feet tracking sometimes returned invalid pose that led to crash.
  • Rare crashes in trajectory filtering, jitter removal related to AI-based tracking.

For more information and download links visit Release notes.

The New Version 4.6 is Out!

Posted on: September 6th, 2023

The New Version 4.6 is Out!

For the past year our dev team’s been busy working hard on the new version that has just come out. We experimented a lot with recently introduced AI-based tracking algorithms and find effective way to use them for high-accurate full-body motion capture we master in since 2008.

Despite all the hype around AI algorithms they have not only widely advertised advantages, but also their limitations. If we talk about human motion capture, the major one is that AI algorithms that guess based on numerous movement patterns contained in training datasets, cannot track well unique / rare / complex motions. So we combined AI tracking with our proprietary high-accurate algorithms that find pose that best match actual input data, to make the tracking pipeline easier, faster and add more features without the need for accuracy trade-off.

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iPi Mocap Live Link Plugin for Unreal Engine 5.0 Released

Posted on: July 22nd, 2022

iPi Mocap Live Link plugin for Unreal Engine 5.0 released.

Use it in the same way as plugins with UE4. Live Link menu item is now in Window > Virtual Production group in UE5.

Plugin download link: https://files.ipisoft.com/iPiMocap-Unreal-5-0.zip

Docs on how to use the plugin: https://docs.ipisoft.com/Animation_Streaming#Usage_in_Unreal

Importand Updates and Enhancements in Motion Transfer Profile Editing

Posted on: June 27th, 2022

Importand Updates and Enhancements in Motion Transfer Profile Editing

We have released updates and fixes for editing of motion transfer profiles.
What’s new:

  • Improvements in UI for editing of motion transfer profile:
    • Check that no duplicate targets used when updating a symmetric bone mapping.
    • Update a symmetric bone when adding/removing a target bone.
    • Enabled the “(Unused)” item in the combo list.
  • Fixes in editing of motion transfer profile:
    • Fixed crash when trying to select an already used target bone in the viewport.
    • Fixed inability to map symmetric bone when it can’t be assigned automatically.
    • Fixed an error when reading swing/twist weights from an XML file.

See details in the release notes:


The New Version Includes Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman Character Support

Posted on: April 18th, 2022

The New Version Includes Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman Character Support

The recent release of iPiMocapStudio 4.5.6 includes support for Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman character and other motion transfer enhancements:

  • Support for Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman character in animation export and streaming.
  • Motion transfer enhancements (see details).
    • Allow for multiple target bones in character mapping.
    • Allow for separate swing and twist rotation channels.
  • Added built-in motion transfer profile for Daz Genesis 8 character.
  • Using separate swing and twist rotation channels in UE4 Mannequin, Endorphin built-in motion transfer profiles.

See details in the release notes:



Animation Streaming to Unity and Live Feedback Improvements Released

Posted on: October 11th, 2019

Animation Streaming to Unity and Live Feedback Improvements Released

The recent release of iPiRecorder 4.4.4 and iPiMocapStudio 4.3.0 includes important new features and improvements:

  • Animation streaming to Unity
  • Significant improvements in quality of Live Tracking
  • Foot tracking improved for depth sensors

See details in the release notes:




iPi Soft Offers Built-In Support For Unreal Engine

Posted on: June 10th, 2019

iPi Soft Offers Built-In Support For Unreal Engine

New Support Simplifies Animation Export Functionality

The latest release 4.1.3 of iPi Mocap Studio includes built-in support that simplifies the animation export process from the iPi Motion Capture software to the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), the suite of integrated tools popular with video game developers and designers.

Previously, Unreal Engine users had to manually match joints of the default iPi Mocap Studio rig to joints of their own rigs they use in Unreal in order to transfer captured motions to their rigs.  Any errors in matching would lead to misalignment and render the animation unusable. New features now provide Unreal users with a process that only requires they export their character to an FBX file, which is then loaded into iPi Mocap Studio for automatic generation of motion-transfer profile.

The new process benefits anyone using iPi Mocap, not just those using UE4. When loading custom characters from an FBX file, users can now select from several built-in compatible motion transfer profiles. Prior, they had to manage the profiles themselves, often leading to profile errors. Additional feature enhancements include a new option to automatically determine character coordinate systems, eliminating the time-consuming process of matching changing axis orientations.

“The new automated features being introduced in iPi Mocap Version 4 are not only about saving UE4 customers time,” says Michael Nikonov. “These new capabilities will also ensure more accurate results for those creating custom characters using different coordinate systems for a stable and intuitive workflow.”


Real-time Tracking Support Multiple Depth Sensors

Posted on: December 10th, 2018

iPi Soft Now Delivers Real-time Tracking Support in iPi Motion Capture Version 4.1 for Multiple Depth Sensors

Latest Enhancements To Advanced Markerless Mocap Solution Include Automatic Synchronization With Action Cameras For Improved 3D Character Content Creation; Up To 30-Percent Holiday Discount

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – December 10, 2018 — iPi Soft, LLC, developers of markerless motion capture technology, today announced several new updates to Version 4 of its popular iPi Motion Capture software application. Latest enhancements include real-time tracking for multiple depth sensors, as well as automatic synchronization of action camera videos based on flash detection.

Creative performance in iPi Mocap Version 4.1 now enables customers to use real-time tracking — in which users can preview the motion tracking result transferred to a 3D character at the time of performance — with multiple depth sensors connected to either a single computer or several computers connected via iPi Soft’s Distributed Recording feature.

According to Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft Founder and Chief Technology Architect, this is an important development milestone and one users have been anticipating since most iPi Mocap customers use the software with two or more Kinect sensors.

”We are excited to extend the benefits of real-time tracking to support customers using iPi Motion Capture with multiple depth sensors to obtain quality mocap data easily and quickly for an overall improved workflow without the need for multiple recording, tracking and motion transfer iterations,” Nikonov says.

Action Camera Synchronization:

Additional feature updates also include automatic synchronization of videos with action cameras like GoPro based on flash detection. The new algorithm detects flashes between separate videos and synchronizes them automatically. This greatly speed-ups the process of merging multi-camera footage into synchronized videos that can be used for motion tracking compared to time-consuming manual sync process  supported in the previous version.

Pricing and Availability:

For the holidays, iPi Soft is currently offering a 30-percent discount for orders placed before December 31, 2018 (please use coupon code NY2019). This includes a discount off of iPi Soft’s perpetual license that includes two years of full support and software updates, as well as its subscription-based pricing model.

With the launch of iPi Motion Capture Version 4, iPi Soft introduced a perpetual license model. The perpetual license is not time-limited and includes two years with full support and software updates. iPi Motion Capture Version 4 is also available as a subscription-based model. Prices range from $165 to $1995 depending on the version of software (Express, Basic, Pro) and duration of subscription.

Additional information on iPi Soft license and pricing is available here.

Press-resease PDF Version>>


About iPi Soft:

Moscow-based developer, iPi Soft, LLC, develops powerful markerless motion capture software technology that uses sophisticated image processing and computer vision algorithms to recognize and track the human body. The company’s software is used by creative professionals and prosumers around the world to digitize the movement of a human skeleton, rendering it expressive in 3D characters for video games, computer generated films, as well as for medical, military and other applications. For additional information, on iPi Soft, product pricing, product configurations or a 30-day free trial please visit, http://www.ipisoft.com.

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