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16 Cameras Support and Three Actors Tracking Released

Posted on: February 20th, 2015

iPi Soft is proud to announce ground-breaking performance enhancements to iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0, the company’s advanced line of markerless motion capture technology. The latest updates include new distributed recording functionality that sets a standard for capturing synchronized video by providing up to 16 Sony PS3 Eye camera support or up to 4 Kinect sensors recorded onto multiple PCs during the same motion capture session. Additionally, the ability to track three actors simultaneously gives professional users working in film, TV, videogame development and beyond, a powerful and efficient motion capture tool.

New! Taking into account increased number of supported cameras, we are increasing number of cameras supported in Basic Edition from 4 to 6, thus allowing accurate capture of more complex motions.

In addition to this good news, the price of Basic Edition was dropped by 30%. Now 1 year subscription for Basic costs $345, 3 month subscription – $165. We hope that this will make the solution affordable for wider audience.

Limited-time offer! Till March, 29 We offer 3 year subscriptions for all products at the cost of 2 years. We also see that 3 months subscription are quite popular. Get 30% discount for 3 month subscriptions, also till March, 29.

To order at discounted price, just put coupon code from the table below into “Your coupon code” field of on-line order form:

Product Period Price Coupon Code
iPi Studio Pro 3 Years $3 227 $2 390 DIS-3Y15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Basic 3 Years $932 $690 DIS-3Y15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Express 3 Years $257 $190 DIS-3Y15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Biomech Add-on 3 Years $1 337 $990 DIS-3Y15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Pro 3 Months $595 $416.5 DIS-3M15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Basic 3 Months $165 $115.5 DIS-3M15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Express 3 Months $45 $31.5 DIS-3M15 Buy Now
iPi Studio Biomech Add-on 3 Months $245 $171.5 DIS-3M15 Buy Now

Distributed Recording Feature Released

Posted on: December 29th, 2014

We’re proud to announce (hopefully first in history) support of multiple Kinect 2 sensors tracking, now made possible with the help of distributed recording feature of iPi Recorder.

Now one can use several computers to record the same mocap session, thus decreasing hardware requirements to PCs used for recording.

Distributed recording feature is useful if:

  • You want to use two or three Kinect 2 sensors for tracking. Due to limitation in Microsoft Kinect SKD 2.0 you can have only single sensor at one PC, but distributed recording allows you to connect each sensor to a separate PC.
  • You do not have enough USB controllers on board. Only single depth sensor or two Sony PS3 cameras can be connected to the same USB controller. Using additional laptop for recording will allow you to record with more cameras.
  • HDD recording speed or CPU power is not enough to record in realtime with multiple cameras. Using additinal laptop will be an alternative to hardware upgrade.


Online Docs>>


Version 3.0 Press-Release

Posted on: November 6th, 2014

iPi Soft Unveils iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0

Next Generation Markerless Motion Capture Solution Features Support For

Kinect 2 Sensor, Tracking Speed Increase And A New Subscription Payment Model


MOSCOW, RUSSIA November 06, 2014 – iPi Soft, LLC, developers of the iPi Motion Capture line of markerless motion capture technology, today announced the availability of iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0.The next generation motion capture solution delivers a number of impressive new features for improved workflow, including support for the new Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor, increased tracking speed, improved arm and leg tracking and a simplified calibration process that gives even entry level motion capture enthusiasts the ability to obtain quality mocap data easily and quickly.


 Kinects-2  Recorder-screenshot-1-3

Kinect 2 Sensors

iPi Recorder Redesigned User Interface


Additionally, iPi Soft has unveiled a new subscription payment model with options for a year subscription for frequent software users or a three-month plan for those that only need the software on a limited per-project basis.

“The latest enhancements in iPi Motion Capture V 3.0 coupled with support for Microsoft’s Kinect 2 sensor delivers an elevated experience to creative professionals and enthusiasts, and introduction of the new subscription pricing model makes our solution even more affordable,” Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft’s Founder/Chief Technology Architect, says. “The faster algorithms, simplified calibration and improved limbs tracking will give our customers — amateurs, pros and everyone in between — powerful performance tools to express their creativity.”

Nikonov notes that iPi Motion Capture V 3.0’s compatibility with the Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor lets users get closer to the camera, thus further reducing overall space requirements, while new calibration algorithms simplifies the camera set up process and ensures more accurate tracking.

Key Highlights in iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0 

With the new iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0, customers can take advantage of:

  • 10-20% faster tracking algorithms
  • Improved calibration of multi-camera system with no need to manually align cameras. Also, comprehensive feedback on calibration quality can save a lot of time preventing use of incorrect calibration data for tracking.
  • Improved tracking for arms and legs with less tracking errors.
  • Redesigned user interface

Additionally, there are several features related to the Kinect 2 sensor that iPi Soft plans to offer users in the near future. These include distributed recording (which will allow recording multiple Kinect 2 sensors using several PCs); up to 12-camera support; substantially increased tracking speed; selected limb cleanup; and three actor tracking.

The new version of iPi Motion Capture comes on the heels of growing industry acceptance among some of the industry’s leading entertainment production companies and videogame developers, including Rodeo FX, The Graphics Film Company and Ghost Town Media.

Brandon Parvini, Creative Director at LA-based post-production studio Ghost Town Media, notes that iPi Motion Capture is extremely intuitive and takes just a half an hour to setup and calibrate. With 3.0, he looks forward to reduced setup time and improved tracking.

“Our experience with iPi Soft has been great,” Parvini says. “The software has become an important part of our new pipeline and we’re currently using it extensively on a new high-profile feature film project. iPi Motion Capture is part of a small crop of ‘new-school’ platforms that are helping to move the industry forward.”


iPi Mocap Studio Redesigned User Interface

Pricing and Availability:

Beginning with iPi Motion Capture V 3.0, iPi Soft is introducing a subscription-based pricing model. Prices range from $45.00 to $1,195.00 depending on the version of software (Express, Basic, Pro) and duration of subscription. Customers who purchased iPi Motion Capture Version 2 software after July 1st, 2014 will receive a free 1-year subscription of Version 3. Customers with iPi Motion Capture Version 2 or Version 1 will receive a one-time 50-percent discount for a 1-year subscription of Version 3. Upgrading to Version 3 is optional, and a free 30-days trial for Version 3 is available here: http://ipisoft.com/download/

Early adopters can take advantage of iPi Soft’s 30-percent discount offer for a one-year subscription available through Nov 30th. More info about the discount is available here: http://ipisoft.com/2014/11/version-3-welcome-discount/.

Additional details about iPi Soft’s new version and multi-tiered subscription pricing can be found here: http://ipisoft.com/store/version-3-0/

Press-release in PDF>>

About iPi Soft:

Launched in 2008 by CEO and Chief Technology Architect Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft, LLC is the Moscow-based developer of iPi Motion Capture™, a markerless motion capture software tool that uses sophisticated image processing and computer vision algorithms to recognize and track the human body. The company’s breakthrough technology digitizes the movement of a human skeleton, rendering it in expressive 3D characters for video games or computer generated films. For additional information, on iPi Soft, product pricing or a 30-day free trial please visit, http://www.ipisoft.com.

All trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

Media Contacts:

Ambient PR, Vicky Gray-Clark, vicky@ambientpr.com, 408-318-1980

Right Word Media, Ray Ecke, ray@rightwordmedia.com, 973-726-3797

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Version 3 Welcome Discount

Posted on: November 4th, 2014

iPi Motion Capture Version 3 delivers a number of new features for improved workflow including support of Kinect 2, improved arms tracking, simplified calibration and others.

Limited-time offer! To make decision easier for you, we offer 30+% discounts to year subscriptions for all our product line! This offer is valid till Nov 30th, 2014. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts except volume discount.

To order at discounted price, just put coupon code from the table below into “Your coupon code” field of on-line order form:

Product Period Discount Price Coupon Code
iPi Studio Pro 1 Year $360 $1 195 $835 V3-1410-Pro Buy Now
iPi Studio Basic 1 Year $150 $495 $345 V3-1410-Bs Buy Now
iPi Studio Express 1 Year $30 $95 $65 V3-1410-Ex Buy Now
iPi Studio Biomech Add-on 1 Year $150 $495 $345 V3-1410-Bio Buy Now
iPi Studio Pro +
Biomech Add-on 
1 Year $510 $1690 $1180 V3-1410-BioPro Buy Now
iPi Studio Basic +
Biomech Add-on
1 Year $300 $990 $690 V3-1410-BioBs Buy Now
iPi Studio Express +
Biomech Add-on
1 Year $180 $590 $410 V3-1410-BioEx Buy Now

Now You See Me – Making of Video

Posted on: November 19th, 2013

“Now You See Mee” making of video: The MGM Grand Scene Explained

Other VFX breakdown:

Damian Gordon’s shares his hand-made solution for mounting Sony PS Eye cameras

Posted on: November 14th, 2013

Demian Gordon, head of the Motion Capture Society, shares his experience of setting-up 8 Sony PS Eye cameras system. He used hand-made solution to mount Sony cameras. You do not necessarily need to do this to use iPi Motion Capture system, but some of advanced users may find this solution useful.

Extract from Demian Godon’s blog post.

I thought I would document my adventures with the ipisoft system as I install it iand put it through its paces. I’ve got a 20 foot long x 14 foot wide x 8 foot tall area that I intend to cover with the ipisoft system.…

The pseye cameras cost 80 total for all 8…the mounts cost 120 for all 8 and the usb extenders cost 140. Total cost (not including box truss or software) – 340$….with hardware to modify the camera mounts…360$.  If I was using tripods I wouldnt have to modify the mounts as much….but they would still need modification…I’m only detailing how I made them rig clampable. The mounts are made to sort of sit on top of a tv and be held in place by gravity…which doesnt work at all to attach them to box truss…so they need some tlc to work.


A drill…various drill bits…2 nuts, 2 bolts and 4 washers per camera mount. a packet of felt adhesive pads,….. some pipe straps from home depot (1 per camera mount)


The adhesive felt pads (I just had these lying around…but they work to hold the pseye in the clamp and also to increase friction between the pseye and the mount so the camera doesnt adjust itself as easily as it does normally)


You will need a 3/4 inch drill bit like this to drill the top plate


This is what the unmodified mount looks like initially when it comes out of its packaging


Use pliers to unscrew the little nut at the top


Separate out the pieces


Drill the top plate using the 3/4 inch bit


This is so you can thread the usb cable through the hole and use the existing slot as a sort of cable clamp to prevent any tugging on the cable from being able to effect the pseye camera.  Since the pseye is on a ball joint that you cant lock in place I wanted to control the cable, ensure there was strain relief on it and that I minimized potentials for calibration loss due to cameras getting moved accidently.

Next I extended the side plate out fully and used one of the pipe straps to mark where I would drill the side plate


Here it is all drilled and ready to attach the pipe strap to


I flipped the adhesive felt pads upside down and used the pseye camera holder to mark out a section on the pad I would cut out so it could wrap around the pseye


Now I threaded the usb cable through the hole I had made in the top plate and pulled the cable all the way towards the front of the plate, allowing enough cable to give strain relief to the cord.


Now I added the adhesive felt pad to the pseye so that it was stuck to the mount and wrapped around the pseye. this increases friction and makes the camera less prone to accidental adjustment. it also locks the pseye camera in the mount. Without the pad the pseye is free to slide in or out of the clamp accidently if bumped. with the pad…the camera and the clamp become one.


I also reattached the top plate to the side plate using the little screw that comes with the mount. I slide this all the way forward until it pinches the cable between the little gap between the mount and the screw. this further locks the cable in place. This also has the effect of further stabilizing the pseye so it is doesnt move around by accident as seen here.


Now bolt on the pipe clamp using the two bolts, two nuts and four washers and its done


This is what it looks like installed

demian-gordon-mount-pic16 demian-gordon-mount-pic17Thats pretty much it. I didnt really spend much time on this…I just sort of had all these bits lying around my garage…total design time was….nothing….I did it on the fly…total time to assemble all 8 was about a half hour. Next step is to run all the usb extenders back to my pc and then make the cables pretty with zip ties. that will probably take about another half hour. Then I am putting in some led lighting to increase the contrast between the talent and the background. I have 500 feet of led rope light lying around Im going to cover the entire box truss with to make a nice uniform globally diffuse lighting. Thats probably an hours worth of work. I should have the system up and running in a day or two…depending on how much free time I get to putter around with it.

Battle of Miridem

Posted on: November 6th, 2013

Modern 3D technologies allow you to create “Star Wars” at your desktop. “The Battle of Miridem” trailer, the winner of our October mocap competition is a solid confirmation for this.

Description from the author:

I’m using two Kinect cameras along with the standard edition of iPi software. I calibrated the two cameras with a flat rectangular plywood. Scenes in this trailer that includes animations that are standing still, walking and running is all done with recorded motion capture with iPiSoft. Some scenes are keyframed when it comes to certain delicate movements with hands and weapons. Scenes are rendered in 3ds Max and composed in After Effects.