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Further Improvements of Jitter Removal

Posted on: September 15th, 2016

New software release includes:

N E W    F E A T U R E S:

  • Further increase of jitter removal speed. Improved algorithm is 10-20% faster compared to the previous release. Speed increase depends on particular hardware (GPU and CPU).


B U G    F I X E S:

  • Biomech Add-on free trial activation did not work.
  • Periodic Auto-Save did not work in jitter removal. Now the project is saved every 30 seconds.
  • Memory leaks in jitter removal.
  • Crashed if timeline slider is clicked during jitter removal or tracking operation.


U N D E R    T H E    H O O D:

  • Improved responsiveness of user interface during jitter removal on computers with slow video cards.

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