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iPi Soft Offers Built-In Support For Unreal Engine

Posted on: June 10th, 2019

iPi Soft Offers Built-In Support For Unreal Engine

New Support Simplifies Animation Export Functionality

The latest release 4.1.3 of iPi Mocap Studio includes built-in support that simplifies the animation export process from the iPi Motion Capture software to the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), the suite of integrated tools popular with video game developers and designers.

Previously, Unreal Engine users had to manually match joints of the default iPi Mocap Studio rig to joints of their own rigs they use in Unreal in order to transfer captured motions to their rigs.  Any errors in matching would lead to misalignment and render the animation unusable. New features now provide Unreal users with a process that only requires they export their character to an FBX file, which is then loaded into iPi Mocap Studio for automatic generation of motion-transfer profile.

The new process benefits anyone using iPi Mocap, not just those using UE4. When loading custom characters from an FBX file, users can now select from several built-in compatible motion transfer profiles. Prior, they had to manage the profiles themselves, often leading to profile errors. Additional feature enhancements include a new option to automatically determine character coordinate systems, eliminating the time-consuming process of matching changing axis orientations.

“The new automated features being introduced in iPi Mocap Version 4 are not only about saving UE4 customers time,” says Michael Nikonov. “These new capabilities will also ensure more accurate results for those creating custom characters using different coordinate systems for a stable and intuitive workflow.”


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