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The New Version 4.6 is Out!

Posted on: September 6th, 2023

The New Version 4.6 is Out!

For the past year our dev team’s been busy working hard on the new version that has just come out. We experimented a lot with recently introduced AI-based tracking algorithms and find effective way to use them for high-accurate full-body motion capture we master in since 2008.

Despite all the hype around AI algorithms they have not only widely advertised advantages, but also their limitations. If we talk about human motion capture, the major one is that AI algorithms that guess based on numerous movement patterns contained in training datasets, cannot track well unique / rare / complex motions. So we combined AI tracking with our proprietary high-accurate algorithms that find pose that best match actual input data, to make the tracking pipeline easier, faster and add more features without the need for accuracy trade-off.

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